Ramadan 2024

Embracing Unity and Spirituality: The Essence of Ramadan

As we welcome the holy month of Ramadan, a time of reflection, community, and faith, it is essential to recognize the support and unity that organizations like Unison provide to their members during this significant period. Unison, a beacon for workers' rights and inclusivity, has continually shown its commitment to backing its members, ensuring that those observing Ramadan, particularly from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, feel supported and valued.

Unison's Role in Supporting Ramadan Observance

Unison understands the importance of Ramadan for Muslim members and the need for an inclusive environment that respects religious observances. The union has taken proactive steps to ensure that all members feel supported during this month. Initiatives such as arranging flexible working hours allow those observing Ramadan to maintain their fasting and prayer schedules without compromising their work responsibilities. Moreover, Unison has been instrumental in organizing iftar gatherings, providing a space for members to come together, break their fast, and foster a sense of community and mutual support.

Advocacy and Awareness 

Beyond logistical support, Unison has played a crucial role in raising awareness and understanding of Ramadan among all its members. Through educational programs and workshops, the union promotes a culture of inclusivity and respect, ensuring that everyone understands the significance of this month and how they can support their Muslim colleagues.

Empowering Black Members During Ramadan 

Unison's commitment to diversity and inclusion shines brightly during Ramadan, with a particular focus on empowering black members. The union's efforts to highlight and address the unique challenges faced by black Muslims during Ramadan and throughout the year are commendable. By providing platforms for voices from diverse backgrounds, Unison ensures that the spirit of Ramadan is shared with all, fostering a workplace environment where everyone feels respected and valued.

We have a great please in having with us as a UNISON Steward and Black Member.

Araf Saddiq QAM, Paramedic

Araf has contributed an informative piece about Ramadan, offering insightful advice on how to handle patients who are fasting during Ramadan in the event of a medical emergency. It's a highly recommended read. Read it here.