West Central & South West Region – Lead Steward Liam Boylan

What do your stewards do?

Workplace stewards are the heart of our trade union. UNISON’s stewards are the reason we win campaigns that result in better lives for our members and all working people. Stewards help to organise your colleagues into an effective, strong and welcoming membership. They:

  • Are the first point of contact for members in a workplace
  • Talk to members about the union
  • Talk to staff about their issues
  • Offer advice on issues at work
  • Represent members in cases (including at disciplinary and grievance hearings).
  • Campaign for better working conditions
  • Recruit and organise new members
  • Encourage more members to get active in UNISON
  • Raise your members’ issues with the branch.

Stewards in workplaces where UNISON is recognised by the employer have rights to time off for training and to carry out their work. Stewards have a right to be involved in how their branch is run and are the most important link between the members and the union. UNISON aims to have at least one steward in each workplace and department, more in larger departments and where members work shifts. Stewards are elected each year by the group of members that they represent and the post is open to job share.

Aileen McLaren         
Workplace: Law
Role: Steward / Health & Safety Rep
Phone: 07900 817076
Email: aileen.mclaren2@nhs.scot

Brian Forbes

Workplace: Johnstone
Role: Steward
Phone: 07595 224354
Work Phone: 0141 810 6650
Email: brian.forbes@nhs.scot

Kevin Stewart

Workplace: Douglas
Role: Steward / Health & Safety Rep
Phone: 07766 130328
Email: kevin.stewart1@nhs.scot 

Liam Boylan
Workplace:  Clydebank 
Role:  Steward 
Phone:  07735 272619
Work Phone: 07587 316222
Email:  liamjoseph.boylan@nhs.scot

Martin Jefferies

Workplace: Clydebank 
Role: Health & Safety Rep
Phone: 07801 598746 
Email: martin.jefferies@nhs.scot

Laurence Johnston

Workplace: Cardonald
Role: Steward
Email: laurence.johnston@nhs.scot

Marc Greenland

Workplace: Dumfries
Role: Steward
Phone: 07564 282950
Work Phone: 01387 252806
Email: marcdavid.greenland@nhs.scot

Andrew Smith
Workplace: Cumbernauld
Role: Steward
Phone: 07522 959559
Email: andrew.smith81@nhs.scot

Emma Campbell
Workplace: Lamlash
Role: Steward / Health & Safety Rep
Phone: 07981 025352
Work Phone: 01770 600356
Email: emmadawn.campbell@nhs.scot

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