UNISON National Health and Safety Survey


As we approach the closing date for the Violence at Work - UNISON National Health and Safety Survey on 28 June 2024. We are reaching out for your support in this final push to gather crucial data. 

We kindly request you share the survey as widely as possible within your networks to ensure we capture comprehensive data from across our union – survey link: https://survey.alchemer.eu/s3/90702770/Violence-at-work-National-Health-and-Safety-Survey    

The results of the survey will be used to develop a UNISON national report on violence and harassment at work. To ensure our report has credibility, it should reflect the views of as many UNISON members as possible (The survey is open to all UNISON members). 

UNISON Health and Safety has partnered with Dr. Jane Pillinger, (a global expert on the subject) to create a report on Violence and harassment in public services.We hope this research will act as a springboard to increase the reach of our Charter, Update our existing guidance and support our wider campaigning objectives.

It is very important we capture previous and existing UNISON work and research from across our nations, regions and groups. I appreciate you will all be very busy at the moment, but if you or a member of your team could spare some time by letting me know about any of the following (over the last two to three years) I would be hugely grateful; 

  • campaigns on violence and harassment
  • examples of negotiated policies and agreements as a result of collective bargaining
  • examples of successful action taken by UNISON members
  • recent surveys or research or external research and reports by other organisations you would like to highlight

We are looking to start the report literature review on the 15 July 2024 - if you are able to respond before this date It would be very much appreciated. 

Best regards