For a number of years, the Ambulance Stakeholder Group has been working closely with the Job Evaluation Group (JEG) Profile Group to develop a suite of emergency services profiles which reflect current practice in the Ambulance Service. This group works in partnership and is comprised of management side and trade union representatives. This consultation comprises of three focus areas:

• final consultation on patient transport services (PTS) driver profiles (band 2-3)
• consultation on minor changes to profiles within the ambulance suite (bands 4-7)
• consultation on proposed new profiles (band 7).

These proposals, can be downloaded in full at the bottom of this page from the link. It is important for members to have their say if you feel the outcomes are not fair or correct. This is being done via a consultation. This consultation will run until 8 September 2023. Comments received will be considered by Job Evaluation Group, and the necessary governance will be completed by the NHS Staff Council prior to publication. 

Please send through your comments to by the 8th of September 2023.