Tackling Racism and Promoting Equality with UNISON

At UNISON, we believe in creating an inclusive workplace where every member is treated with dignity and respect. Our commitment to tackling racism and promoting equality is unwavering. We invite all Black members to join us in this critical mission to challenge discrimination and improve equality in the workplace and beyond.

???? Get Involved with UNISON Black Members

•Campaign for Equality: Join the Scottish Black Members Committee to actively campaign for equality and challenge racism. Your voice and experiences are vital to making a difference.
•Support and Representation: UNISON offers comprehensive support and free legal advice to Black members facing discrimination. Contact your local branch for immediate assistance.
•Training and Resources: Access valuable resources, including our Race Discrimination Protocol, animations, and guides to help you understand your rights and take action against racism.

????️ Resources and Support

•Race Discrimination Protocol: Our protocol provides a clear, step-by-step process for addressing race discrimination cases, ensuring consistency and transparency in our support.
•Educational Materials: Watch our animations and read our guides to raise awareness about racism and discrimination in the workplace.

Tackling racism information pack

Race discrimination protocol



???? How to Join

•Become Active: You don’t need to be an expert or commit a lot of time. Your enthusiasm and willingness to participate are all you need to help grow our union and campaign alongside like-minded activists.
•Stay Connected: Visit our Facebook campaign page for updates and more information on how to get involved: UNISON Black Members Campaign

Contact Us

If you need support or more information, contact your UNISON branch. Use our branch finder or reach out to UNISON Direct at 0800 0857 857. Together, we can build a more equitable and just workplace.

Join us in the fight against racism and for equality. Every member has a part to play.

For more details, visit join.unison.org.uk.

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