Consultative Industrial Action Ballot Over Rest Breaks

What has happened?

As you are aware, the three trade unions have been in discussions regarding our rest breaks with SAS senior managers over a lengthy period - there has been no resolution. 

The latest meeting taking place on 22nd May 2023. Despite the trade unions highlighting that the current temporary process imposed on staff by SAS actually provided for a permanent solution, no agreement could be reached.

What are the next steps?

This being the case, the three unions advised SAS that they will now go to their respective memberships to carry out a consultative ballot on industrial action.  

  • This means you will receive an email to your UNISON registered address, this will ask whether you want to take action, we must secure a clear majority in favour to proceed.
  • If a majority vote in favour then we will move to a formal ballot on industrial action. [This must be carried out by post, due to laws set to try and weaken trade unions by the Conservative government.]
  • We then need to achieve a return of 50% of total members with a majority of those voting being in favour. If we complete these steps then we have a legal mandate to strike for up to six months.

The lack of effectively managed rest periods impacts on the physical and mental health and well-being of the members of staff, this potentially increases risk to patient safety.

All unions are in agreement that the current situation cannot be allowed to continue, and meaningless discussions must end. We must do what we can to secure a positive outcome to this historical failure.

Please make sure that your contact details are up to date at: