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Winter Fuel Grant

Hi all

For 2022 we will again be running the Winter Fuel Grant Programme.

It will open ON but NOT BEFORE Monday 31 January 2022.

The application process will be an online process via the UNISON website* and applicants will need to:

Have their membership number

Complete the online application form

Upload their supporting documents as part of the online application process

*All necessary online security measures will be in place.

We will have a paper application form option, but only for those who are unable to apply via the online process. Members who are unable to apply online will need to email There for You [no earlier than 31 January 2022] to request the hardcopy application form and provide the address for the form to be posted to.

Members should apply directly, they do not need to go via their branch.

Members should go to the website on 31 January 2022 for more information about the eligibility criteria and to apply online [the online application will not open until 31 January 2022].

The Winter Fuel Grant Programme will be advertised via UNISON Comms team using all of the usual comms channels including UDigital and social media

Please can you forward the above information to the BWO’s in your region so that they can answer any queries members may have about when and how the 2022 Winter Fuel Grant Programme will operate.

Maggie Newell

Support Service Team Leader