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April 2021 Newsletter

Dear Member,

Welcome to your special NHS Pay and Demand & Capacity edition of your UNISON newsletter.

In this edition

· Pay

· Demand & Capacity Review

· Membership benefits

Please see an important UNISON Branch newsletter focusing on Pay and the Demand & Capacity review.

We do not hold an email for all members so we would appreciate if you could ensure your colleagues receive our important updates. If you do not receive these newsletters via email you need to update your details ASAP so you can receive your electronic ballot.

Many members are making a fantastic contribution and are sharing these newsletters with colleagues and the branch is very grateful.

We ask that members do another check in with colleagues to ensure they have received this newsletter. This will make sure everyone knows the serious and pivotal stage that our fight for a proper rise in pay has reached.

Members that do not receive emails from us can update their details at or by contacting the branch.


Have your say on NHS Pay in Scotland - FAQ’s

Have you seen our quick video summarising the Pay Offer?

Video about Pay -

Ø Why am I being asked to vote?

You are being asked to vote on whether or not you accept the pay offer for NHS staff on Agenda For Change Bands.

Ø How will this deal affect me? What is the pay offer?

Bands 1-4: a flat uplift of £1,009 • Bands 5-7: a 4% uplift • Bands 8a to 8c: a 2% uplift • Bands 8d to 9: a flat uplift of £800

This means the majority of NHS workers would receive a pay rise of at least 4%. Pay would be backdated to December 2020. You can see how this deal affects your pay band in the table below. Further information is available

Ø Our pay rise was due from 1 April. Will it be backdated?

Yes. If the pay offer is accepted, it will be backdated to December 2020.

Ø How did this pay offer come about?

On the eve of our industrial action ballot last December the government announced a £500 payment for health and social care workers. UNISON then focused on bringing the government and employers back to the table to win a serious and substantial pay rise NHS staff on Agenda For Change Bands.

Following UNISON’s campaigning the government agreed that there would not wait for the PRB to report and to start negotiations and that the deal would be backdated to December. Negotiations include all health trade unions and this offer reflects the differing priorities of those groups.

Other unions would not support UNISON’s ask for a flat rate pay rise.

UNISON believes that this is the best offer that can be achieved through negotiation

Ø Should I accept this offer?

UNISON is recommending acceptance of this offer because:

• This offer is substantially higher than public sector pay deals achieved recently

• There can be no more negotiations until a new government is in place after the election in May.

• The new government will not be facing the pressure of an upcoming election

• Sustained and substantial industrial action would be required to bring the new

government back to the table after the election.

Ø Can I vote to reject this offer?

Yes. It is up to UNISON’s members to decide if they want to accept the pay offer. UNISON believes there will be no better offer without substantial and sustained industrial action.

Ø I work for a contractor within the NHS. Will the deal apply to me?

Yes, the Scottish Government has confirmed that the agreement, if accepted, will extend to all contractor staff currently covered by the two-tier workforce agreement.

Ø How do I vote?

This is an online consultative ballot. The best and easiest way to vote is via your digital ballot paper that you will receive via email. Alternatively, you will be able to vote securely online using a link on our campaign page

Ø Will I get a ballot paper?

No, this is an online ballot. You will receive your ballot via email.

Ø Who is being balloted?

All members working in the NHS are eligible to vote. If you have any doubts contact your branch steward. Retired members and student members are not included in the ballot.

Ø I haven’t received a email ballot, what should I do?

Check your spam/junk folder and as this can sometimes happen. If you don’t get an email, those eligible can still vote via a link on the UNISON website. You will need your membership number.

Ø How long will the ballot run for?

The ballot opens on 15 April and closes at midday on 7 May. Please ensure you vote.

Ø I’m not a member yet, can I vote in the ballot?

You can vote in this ballot if you join UNISON before the 24 April 2021.

Ø Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

Please contact:

• Your local branch you can find details here

• Phone UNISON direct: 0800 0 857 857

• Email:

• Go to:

• Or speak to your local steward

In the end make sure you vote, UNISON members decide, have your say on NHS pay in Scotland

Find out more detailed information about the proposals and how they might affect you at

Poster about Pay:

Demand & Capacity Review (D&CR)

Members have raised a variety of concerns regarding the Demand & Capacity review (D&CR) from the core principles (the process used to carry forward the review).One of the issues is relief staff being prevented from moving to vacant boards positions and not being able to geta response to questions at D&CR meetings.

With concerns around the core principle being raised, UNISON suggested to the employer that they fulfil their legal duty and carry out an Equality Impact Assessment (EqIA) on the processes used to carry the review forward. For its part, the service accepted that this should be done.

The employer have come back to advise that having carried out an EqIA, there is a need to alter two of the core principles(11 and 12) to avoid groups of staff being treated less favourably and or discriminated against. We will keep you updated as things progress.

Relief staff are being prevented from moving into vacant rostered positions having been unable to change the employers’ practice through informal discussion, UNISON had to raise a formal grievance. has been a bit more of a challenge. The service has responded to say they will now work to identify, where relief staff are shadowing vacant rostered positions and take action to move them into these positions. This aspect of the response from the service is clearly positive.

However, the commitment to do that by the service was followed with the caveat of “as soon as possible”. UNISON is concerned that statement contradicted the initial commitment to get this issue sorted. UNISON continue to pursue this to ensure that all staff are treated the same and that all policies and procedures are applied fairly and consistently. Whilst matters are progressing positively for completeness, we will seek legal advice on a possible referral to the Scottish Terms and Conditions Committee and a explore a possible legal challenge if needed.

Again, UNISON will update you with progress on this matter as and when matters develop.

Finally, on the unanswered questions at the D&CR station meetings we are looking to collate these and pick them up centrally: one common thread would appear to be around

UNISON membership benefits

As well as getting the best possible advice at work, access to free legal advice on a wide range of matters in and out of work, free will service UNISON membership offers benefits that could save you money.

UNISON has 1.3 million members. One of the benefits of being the UK’s biggest trade union is that we have the clout to haggle good deals for our members.

Did you know that UNISON has insurance partners for Car, Home and even Pet insurance, head over to for a look the next time your insurance send you a brass necked renewal quote.

Additionally, UNISON members have access to additional rule book benefits including: Grants for educations and training, accident benefit, death benefit and access to w whole range of other benefits though UNISON there for you.

Get Active

As your UNISON Scottish Ambulance branch grows bigger, it becomes even more important that the branch committee, ensure all our members voices are heard.

The branch needs more members to get involved. One of the ways members can do this is by becoming a local rep or steward. Members interested in becoming stewards, get access to loads of support which UNISON provides thorough, supportive, and comprehensive activist training.

There is full training for anyone who wishes to become active in UNISON and further training for existing activists.

UNISON also run short courses for members interested in specific subjects such as H&S and Equalities.

Courses run throughout the year, in Edinburgh and Glasgow and virtually online. UNISON has a “Time Off for Union Duties” agreement with management for: member representation, training, and meetings, to enable Stewards to effectively carry out their trade union duties during the working day.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the branch or even just finding out more (with no obligation to come onboard :) ), then get in touch or consider becoming a Workplace Rep.


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