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Pay during annual leave

Hi folks there has been some stories going around about receiving pay for working overtime. There has been no discussion in Scotland. We do know that some of our colleagues in parts of England are being paid and we can only assume at this time that this is where this story has come from.

The circular below is the most up to date information. we will post it here as soon as we have more news on this topic.



Section 13.9 of the Agenda for Change Handbook states that pay during annual leave will be calculated on the basis of what the individual would have received had he/she been at work.


Historically, this has meant that all relevant contractual elements are included. However, following partnership discussions under the aegis of the Scottish Terms and Conditions Committee (STAC), it has been agreed that regularly paid non-contractual overtime and excess hours should be included in these calculations.


STAC has agreed that “regular” will be defined as “4 or more separate occasions in the 12 month period which precedes the first day of annual leave”.


It has further been agreed that this change to the calculation of holiday pay will be effective from 1 August 2017.


Annex A sets out the formal agreed position. This circular should be read in conjunction with section 13.9 of the Agenda for Change Handbook.

The Handbook can be found at:


Annex B addesses frequently asked questions and sets out the intended timetable for making payments, subject to the successful development of the Scottish Standard Time System and ePayroll.