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NHS Pay Ballot

You may have seen in the media, a pay deal has been offered for all Agenda for Change members of staff. This follows months of negotiations with the Scottish Government which have been led by UNISON.

Contrary to other reports, the offer is as follows:

  • The top pay points of bands 1 to 8C will increase by 9% cumulatively over three years from April 2018.

  • The value of the top pay points bands 8D and 9 will increase by £1,600

Existing pay bands will be restructured and the number of pay points will be reduced to:

  • Bands 2, 3, 4, 8a, 8b, 8c and 9 will be reduced to two pay points

  • Bands 5, 6 and 7 will be reduced to three pay points

This will mean that you will reach the top of your pay band quicker than under the current pay bands. A band 6 would reach the top of their pay band in 6 years instead of 8.

For example, a member of staff on a Band 6, pay point 26. Currently you will be £32,013. In three years tm you will be on £39,169, which is a percentage increase of 22.4%.

UNISON have put a calculator up at where you can work out what this means to you.

Please note that when you use the pay calculator, the current salary shown is what you were paid in March 2018 and not what you are being paid now. It does not include the 3% pay rise which was announced last month. Year 1 will be your current salary.

There is also a frequently asked questions section at

There are no changes to our terms and conditions.

There is a commitment to talks on the following, but nothing has been agreed.

  • Policy on the management of sickness absence

  • Organisational change and protection of earnings

  • Utilisation and application of toil

  • Appraisal and incremental progression

As a member of UNISON, you are able to vote on this deal. The ballot will open on 15 July and will be open for a month.

You should have received an email for you to confirm your contact details for the ballot. If you have not received this email, please contact UNISON at

UNISON is recommending that we accept this offer.

Timeline for getting this offer

UNISON has been leading negotiations with the Scottish Government and have been campaigning for this deal since last year. This has included:

  • November 2017 – March on the Scottish Parliament

  • December 2017 – Petition cards sent to local MSP’s

  • To date ongoing discussions with government and government officers