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Dear colleague,

As an NHS Porter and the Chair of the UNISON Health Committee, I felt it was important to let you know about important developments in your pay.

UNISON members will be aware that members in England are currently being balloted on a 3 year pay deal which has been negotiated between the NHS unions; UK Government and NHS England employers. I wanted to take the time to update you on the ongoing pay discussions in Scotland.

As soon as the NHS England proposal was tabled, UNISON Scotland called for immediate talks in Scotland and has met both privately and under the auspices of the wider, multi union, NHS Scotland negotiating machinery with Scottish Government and Scottish employers.

Consistently UNISON Scotland, has argued that the NHS England deal is a matter for members in NHS England and that any consequences on NHS funding for pay, in Scotland should be dealt with in Scotland.

We have and continue to argue that the Scottish Public Sector Pay Policy already commits a 3% payrise for the majority of NHS workers in Scotland and that any delay in implementing that policy would lead to real and immediate hardship for the very NHS workers who politicians and civil servants were keen to be seen applauding during the winter crisis and red weather warnings.

Two weeks ago, under pressure from UNISON, Scottish Government tabled a ‘draft pay remit’ for all unions to consider. There is genuine anger in some areas as some organsiations seem to want to delay you and others getting a pay rise, that the Government are already committed to.

Speaking today (Tues 17 April) at the UNISON National Health Conference in Brighton in my capacity as an NHS worker and the Chair of our Scottish Health Committee I said that,

“It was the UNISON campaign in health and across the public sector which convinced the Scottish Government to Scrap the Pay Cap. Two weeks ago, under pressure from UNISON, the Scottish Government tabled a pay remit paper which confirms that all staff earning less than £80,000 will receive an immediate uplift on pay and allowances of 3%, whilst talks get underway during the rest of the year to craft a Scottish version of the NHS refresh talks which are under member consultation in England.

I am here to tell you that UNISON Scotland accepts the offer of 3% and demands that it is implemented without further delay.”

UNISON is committed to ‘locking in’ that 3% and then using Scottish bargaining machinery to negotiate a Scottish NHS Pay deal for 2019-20 which rolls back austerity and reinforces our commitment to fair pay, equality and pay progression.

UNISON will update members and branches in the days and weeks ahead.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Waterson


UNISON Health Committee