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Great news about band 6!!

Dear Members,

I wanted to share the good news with you that UNISON, working with other unions, has successfully secured agreement for a Band 6 paramedic profile that has been published today.

It’s taken two years of negotiations and this profile will be available for all UK countries to use. In England, the band 6 paramedic profile is part of a package, paid for centrally, including the development of a Newly Qualified Paramedic role and scoping how the paramedic role will evolve to deliver NHS England’s Urgent and Emergency Care Review. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland there will be separate discussions about how this will be implemented.

New profiles: NHS employers site

This is an important first step towards recognition of the changes to the role of the paramedic over the last 10 years and will reflect the increases in skills and responsibilities of the job you do today.

The next steps include sign up to the final agreement by all parties and local job matching exercises between trust and unions to evaluate their paramedic roles. Although we cannot guarantee that every paramedic will be a band 6 (job evaluation is a local process) we have agreed that the effective date of band 6 for pay purposes will be 31 December 2016.

In addition to our work on band 6 and pay, UNISON, along with other unions, will play a full role in developing the Newly Qualified Paramedic role. Our aim is to ensure that we improve the retention rates of new paramedics entering the service to reduce the pressures on existing staff.

There is a set of frequently asked questions on the NHS Employers’ website which gives more detail on the Newly Qualified Paramedic role, including how this applies to any paramedics that have qualified since 1 September 2016.

We will also be working with employers and NHS leaders to develop and deliver a two year plan to ensure that your health, safety and well being is a priority in these challenging times for the service.

UNISON is proud to represent paramedics across the UK and knows how much harder your job is getting as the pressures on you increase. That’s why we believe the measures outlined above are a good start towards ensuring that you are properly rewarded for the job you do, that we make the profession attractive for future paramedics and take steps to ensure that issues around retention are resolved.

We will keep you updated as negotiations progress.

Best wishes

Alan Lofthouse

National Officer, UNISON

To find out more, go to: NHS employers site