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UNISON recognises that nursing staff are, at times, working under extreme situations. Despite securing significant investment in some areas, UNISON continues to share the concerns of our nursing and midwifery members across Scotland who continue to tell us that they are expected to: work through breaks, after hours or in a way that leaves them vulnerable to accusations that they are not providing appropriate care to patients.

In our 2016 survey of nursing and midwifery members:

  • 63% said there was not enough staff on shift to deliver safe, compassionate, dignified care

  • 86% told us care had been left undone

  • 36% said they had worked through their own breaks or after hours to provide essential care

UNISON has developed the Duty of Care app as a direct response to the concerns raised by many UNISON members who are worried they may be putting patient care and/or their own registration at risk. We want you to report the challenges you face, whether it is:

  • Reduced staffing levels

  • Lack of equipment

  • Reduced admin support

  • Reduced training and support

  • Violence in the workplace

  • Just not enough time to spend with patients

UNISON wants to help you raise your concerns and to support you to secure a better workplace environment with higher standards of patient care. By using our app, your concerns will go direct to UNISON and your local Director of Nursing.

Download UNISON Scotland’s FREE Duty of Care app for Android and iPhone