Health & Safety and Infection Control Report

August 2017

I attended the recent National Health Safety and Wellbeing Group and Infection Control Group quarterly meetings in the 9th August 2017 at Dundee Station. I have included some points of interest in this report and will also forward copies of the minutes from both meetings when I receive them.


  1. A new spill it will be introduced in the near future. The kit will include an absorbent mat, which covers and absorbs the spillage and release chemicals to neutralize any infection.

  2. Tracking on vehicle floors. The tracking system on the vehicle floors used for clamping chairs is proving problematic to eliminate contamination. There is no benefit in the foam covers/inserts as they trap contaminants, as they do not keep fluids, spillages, etc from entering track. It is also a difficult area to keep clean with the inserts in place therefore the group decided that it may be more beneficial to remove the inserts from the tracks.

  3. Stryker trolley mattresses. There is a batch fault in some mattresses, which causes the welded seam to come apart. Faults should be reported to Stryker who have agreed to repair or replace the mattress. Issues will be resolved in time due to a new mattress being manufactured.

  4. As part of the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate improvement plan, mandatory hand hygiene/SIPCEPS modules will be included on LearnPro.

  5. FFP3. Still issues with face fit testing and low pass rates. Ongoing.

  6. Side steps on PTV’s. Issues with side steps on PTV’s. Various designs have been looked at and the choice was to go back to the previous foldout/down style step.

  7. Specialist paramedic vehicle.  Early stages of designing and building a vehicle suitable for purpose.

  8. PVC bundle insertion packs have been trialed in Dumfries and appear quite successful and will be rolled out to other areas in future.

  9. Infection Control Storage bags have been introduced in West Central. The division introduced the bags after looking at the benefits. National rollout? National guidelines on finance have to be met before put in place.

  10. Measles outbreak. There was a measles outbreak in Lothian region between September and November 2016. Service was not informed and the matter only came to light through staff awareness. Health boards have been contacted requesting that the SAS is informed of these types of outbreaks.

  11. High-risk infectious diseases. These patients should be transferred by SORT. Resources used for these transfer types should have proper equipment and trained staff. SORT therefore is the appropriate means for transfer.

  12. Fire safety. Still waiting on training/awareness package for staff. Most probably E-Learning.

  13. Hep B vaccination. There is currently a global shortage of the Hep B vaccination.

  14. Nasal Narcan. Still ongoing.