CES Ballot Reminder

Below is a copy of the latest email from CES - the organisation running our strike ballot - be sure you have posted your ballot.

Civica Election Services, as Independent Scrutineers, are conducting industrial action ballots on behalf of UNISON concerning the 2022/2023 pay round for those covered by Agenda for Change in Scotland.

For your union to be able to call for action, over 50% of eligible members must participate in the ballot and a majority of those who vote must cast their vote in favour of taking action.

If you have not received or have lost your voting pack please contact UNISON direct on: 0800 085 7857, quoting your membership number as shown above to arrange for a replacement paper to be issued to you. You can also request a replacement ballot paper online at https://my.unison.org.uk/.

Please now return your vote without delay. If you wish for your vote to be counted it/they must arrive by 10am on 31 October 2022.

If you have returned your ballot paper within the last few days, please ignore this email.