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How to Join UNISON

How to Join UNISON

Students can join UNISON Scottish Ambulance branch for just £10 by going to

It takes around 3 minutes to join and you will only need a debit card and the name of your Uni - then select "UNISON Scottish Ambulance Service" as your branch.

UNISON Scottish Ambulance Branch will also give student joiners a £10 Voucher. We will do a check each month for joiners and Pass a £10 voucher to student paramedics in membership more than a month. Make sure your contact details are correct so we can get in touch.

UNISON campaigned with Pay Student Paramedics and helped Win paramedic students an annual £10,000 bursary equal to nurses and midwives.


•UNISON SAS branch has supported the Pay Student Paramedics campaign call for a student bursary. In June UNISON’s Scottish Health committee also threw their support behind the campaign generating media attention.


•Hundreds of paramedic students in Scotland will receive an annual bursary of £10,000 as part of a new scheme.

•UNISON Scottish Ambulance branch have created a dedicated forum for student paramedics to ensure that issues such as excessive travel for placement or inadequate PPE can be quickly dealt with.


•Our forum will be chaired by a student paramedic mentor and one of our full-time officers will be on hand for advice. We hope to be in touch over the summer with some dates for student members to come along when the next semester starts.