UNISON calls on Scottish Government to devolve trade union pay negotiations. Scotland’s biggest health union, is calling on the Scottish Government to set up formal structures to negotiate direct with NHS unions in Scotland and officially leave the UK’s NHS Pay Review Body.

 The call comes after NHS members voted to accept a new three year pay deal direct with the Scottish Government after years of being given 1% pay rises from through UK’s NHS Pay Review Body. This is the first year this has happened.

 The UK’s NHS Pay Review Body negotiates with health unions on pay on behalf of the NHS across the UK. UNISON members do not believe that the NHS Pay Review Body listens to their concerns. It has been calling on the Scottish government to set up pay negotiating structures directly with unions on pay and conditions in Scotland.

 Tom Waterson, Chair of the UNISON Health Committee said: “Today I am pleased to announce that 94% of UNISON members have voted to accept a pay deal which will put an additional £400m on the pay bill, delivering real increases of between 3 and 27% for NHS workers in Scotland. This deal and it’s strong endorsement by members makes it clear that we do not need to wait cap in hand for the Pay Review Body and that the institution as it stands is dead in the water. Eighteen months ago some people said that we couldn’t negotiate a pay deal for NHS workers in Scotland. Then they said that we couldn’t negotiate a better deal for Scotland. The Scottish Government should commit now to develop negotiating structures in Scotland and allow us to self determine on pay.

 UNISON Head of Health for UNISON Scotland Matt McLaughlin said, “This is a good result for UNISON members and I am happy that across Scotland we reached out to and engaged with the vast majority of our members. Their decision is a ringing endorsement of the offer.”