UNISON wins fair pay for ambulance staff in Scotland

UNISON has welcomed the salary re-banding for ambulance paramedics and technicians in Scotland as a positive move for the future of the ambulance service in Scotland. Almost 2,600 clinicians will be moving to higher pay bands with updated job descriptions that better reflect the changing nature of modern technicians and paramedic jobs. UNISON agreed new job descriptions with the employers before going through an independent evaluation process which resulted in banding increases. Stevie Gilroy, UNISON branch secretary, said “UNISON is proud to represent paramedics and technicians, as a paramedic myself I know how hard the job is, as pressures on us increase. So this recognition is greatly wel

Bosses MUST consult unions – UNISON wins another landmark legal case

UNISON has won a landmark court victory that makes it much harder for employers to ignore staff when making major changes in the workplace. The Court of Appeal ruling means that for the first time employers will be obliged to consult with unions around any workplace issues that affect their members. Until now, unions only had the right to be consulted where the law required this, for example in TUPE regulations where employees transfer from one employer to another, and in redundancy cases. The ruling means employers will also have to involve unions in issues such as those around working hours and holiday pay. It will benefit thousands of employees whose rights at work are under threat and me