News on Bandings

UNISON has been working hard to tighten up the job descriptions for both paramedics and technicians. The final drafts have now been published for all to read and provide feedback before the final meeting on the 7th of July. You can find the links to these job descriptions on the relevant page on this website. please take this opportunity to read through the JD's and have your say. Thank you all for your support #Bandings

New Meal Break (Sop) 004

Scottish Ambulance Service AC 01 Ambulance Control Centre Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 004 Rest Break Deployment Aim To ensure appropriate and effective rest break deployment of Accident &Emergency crews, Specialist Operations Response Teams, Urgent Tier and Air Wing resources. The Ambulance Control Centres will be responsible for the consistent application of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and the effective monitoring and reporting of any incidents which have resulted in crews being interrupted whilst on a rest break. Application Ambulance Control Centres (A.C.Cs) A&E Vehicle Crew Staff Urgent Tier staff Air Ambulance Division operational staff SORT operational staff Backgro