Supporting Our Local Communities

This year the branch decided to support the local communities by sponsoring a team or individual sports person. We had asked people to apply for sponsorship and give a brief story about their team or sports pursuit. We were approached by Craigshill Thistle football team saying that the boys not only play outside in all weather but have to train outside too. With the sponsorship we were able to provide they purchased rain jackets for the team. The team recently went to Manchester Etihad stadium to see their training facilities and take part in some training at the academy. Below is some pictures that were taken on their visit. To all at Unison Scottish Ambulance Service branch We would like

Ongoing Bandings Dispute

Dear Pauline Collective Dispute - Paramedic Request for Re-Evaluation of Role We refer to ongoing discussion around the above, most recently the JNC of the 2nd February 2017 and write to register our concerns over not only the length of time taken to address this request but also the manner in how it is being handled. You will be aware throughout 2015 the trade unions collectively raised the issues around how the role of paramedic had grown and evolved over the year to a point where we felt it no longer sat comfortably within band five and asked that the role be re-evaluated. We believe that the factor levels set for the role, within a number of factors, no longer provided a true reflection