On call back payments claim form

In line with PCS(AFC)2015/3 any on call session worked Monday to Friday should be no more than 16 hours; and weekends and Bank Holidays no more than 12 hours. Sessions longer than that will receive two payments. This form is to be used in order to claim for sessions that were worked, in line with the above, but for which only one session payment was received. This is backdated to 1 October 2012. Please attach evidence of the session (s) worked. This form must be countersigned by your manager. Online Form

EU referendum, 23 June

On 23 June the UK must make a decision. The referendum gives us all the chance to decide whether to remain part of the European Union (EU) or whether to leave. It is an important decision for the UK and our future. UNISON knows the EU isn’t perfect – far from it – but we have looked in detail at all the evidence from both sides and have come to the view that our members’ interests are best served by remaining part of the European Union. As your trade union, UNISON is here to protect your job, your standard of living, and the public services that we rely on every day. We believe that leaving the EU will make it harder for us to do that.


This year we are going to try and get out and about to visit some of the stations and meet valued UNISON members. This will give you the opportunity to see our faces and ask us questions. We are going to Edinburgh city station on Thursday 9 June for the first of these visits . We will be arriving around 0930. So if you have any questions you would like to put to the team or would just like to see who we are, come along and have a chat.