The Tory government are planning to introduce a bill that will produce the biggest threat to Trade Union rights in over 30 years. The Trade Union Bill is an aggresive attempt to diminsh trade unions and workers rights. As the Tories proceed with immoral austerity programme those most at risk are the low paid workers and there families. The rationale behind this bill is to protect public services despite the fact, days lost through industrial action is at its lowest in modern times. Far from protecting public services this bill will allow the unscrouplous employers the ability to employ unregulated "scab" labour. WHAT AFFECT WILL THE BILL HAVE ON YOU:- Make it more difficult to join a trade u


Our branch represents members employed by the Scottish Ambulance Service throughout Scotland. We negotiate on your behalf on PAY, TERMS AND CONDITIONS and assist members with employment issues including GRIEVANCES and DISCIPLINARY, BULLYING and HEALTH and SAFTEY ISSUES. On this site you can: get help and advice contact the branch office find out about joining UNISON check up on branch news and events update your membership details connect to UNISON nationally and other useful links